Frequently Asked Questions About Masonry

What are the benefits of using masonry over other materials?

Perhaps the greatest benefit from using masonry as opposed to other construction materials is its strength. Stone, brick, and cast materials have always been the choice when permanence and strength have been the desired result. Masonry is pest and weather resistant and fireproof. Because of these qualities, masonry has long been the choice for buildings of importance and stature. Choosing masonry today is one way to give stature to a building. It is also practical. Masonry materials are energy efficient and require low maintenance and buildings built with masonry materials historically have a higher resale value.

Isn't masonry more expensive than other materials?

Generally, the initial cost for masonry materials is slightly higher, but because masonry requires less maintenance and is energy efficient, the cost of using masonry in the long run is usually less. And don't forget the higher resale value for buildings built with masonry products.

Doesn't masonry require trained craftspeople to install?

Yes, but that shouldn't be a deterrent to choosing masonry. Masonry is among the oldest of the building trades and long recognized as one of the most respected because of the degree of training and craftsmanship required to be a mason. Skills and know how are passed from generation to generation of masons. What this means to you is an assurance that the people who install your masonry work are not only among the highest skilled and most trained workers today, but bring to every job a proud tradition of doing the best job possible.

Could I have a career in masonry?

Certainly. If you're willing to work long hours in a physically demanding job, learning from master craftsmen, and have the patience to work your way up as you learn; if you demand perfection of yourself; if you have respect for tradition and heritage; and if you find satisfaction in a job well done and your reward in knowing you have done something that will last, then maybe masonry is for you. Knowledge of the masonry trade is also a stepping stone to many construction related careers.

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